Stories about Hazara University

The downfall of Bahria University: From a prestigious institute to the “six-inch university”

“Men and women are to maintain a distance of at least six inches while sitting/standing together.” Imagine reading this somewhere, or hearing about it. What would your first reaction be? Perhaps something like, “Oh my God! The Taliban are back! They must have started enforcing their version of Shariah, and are probably planning to bring the days of terror back to the country!” If so, relax! This notice wasn’t issued by those fanatics, but by a renowned semi-government university, and is applicable only within its premises. It all began when a notice was issued by Bahria University’s (BU) director, requiring male and female ...

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Who is responsible for the maintenance of the neglected Abbottabad to Mansehra road?

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently visited Mansehra and Abbottabad. In his visit, he promised to build the first university for women in the area, introduce a gas supply system and launch the second phase of the motorway. This announcement was much needed. But what needs more attention is the terrible condition of the road from Abbottabad to Mansehra. This road connects the northern areas to the rest of Pakistan. Considering it is a widely used road, it deserves to be in immaculate condition. Over 10 years have passed and not a single plan has been made to ameliorate the road conditions. Furthermore, matters ...

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