Stories about hate crimes against Muslims

Qasim Rashid’s response is not an attack on Christianity or an alibi for the IS

Post 9/11, fuelled by misinformation and simplistic analysis, Islamophobia has spread like wildfire in the western world. Especially now, with Donald Trump leading the most powerful country in the world, racists and xenophobes of all stripes have become bolder in the wake of an unmistaken rise in hate crimes against minorities. In times of crises, caricatures of minorities serve as a useful tool for the general unthinking populace as it provides a convenient scapegoat to slaughter by projecting all of a nation’s problems to these untamed immigrant savages. This phenomenon is not unique to a particular country against a particular community. Nay, we need to look no further than ...

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#IStandWithMariam but if you don’t love Pakistan, leave!

Mariam, mother of two, is an Afghan refugee in Pakistan. She sought refuge even before the Afghan War started and has been proudly calling herself a Pakistani since then. Pakistan provided her the liberty to do what she wants without any fear or prejudice. Her children take advantage of an education system unavailable in her home country and she herself is a trained lawyer, an opportunity that is a dream for women in Afghanistan. But Mariam recently took offence when a famous departmental store sold shirts that read, “If you don’t love it, leave,” with a Pakistan flag printed on it. This was ...

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