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The Secret Life of Pets 2: A disjointed sequel struggling to find a reason to exist

The financial success of a movie pretty much guarantees whether or not a sequel will eventually pop up, as Hollywood studios eagerly try to milk any and every cash cow they can lay their hands on. But not all films actually merit or deserve a sequel. The Secret Life of Pets, for instance, clearly didn’t. The 2016 animated adventure – a peek at what pets get up to when their owners aren’t home – was no masterpiece, but it did rake in a lot of money. Illumination unsurprisingly decided to give the film a sequel, even though it seems like ...

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The Expendables 3: An action-packed and star-studded extravaganza

Right after watching The Expendables 2, I anxiously awaited for the next star-studded joy ride to be released soon. And, finally, The Expendables 3 is here. The experience of watching The Expendables 3 is incomplete if, by any means, you plan to watch it on a smaller screen. It must be watched in the cinema, on the big screen. When I think of my experience of watching the movie, the only word that comes to mind and describes it perfectly is ‘unbelievable’. The plot is carefully scripted, simply because of the fact that many critics bombarded the earlier enterprises with questions regarding the loopholes in the ...

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