Stories about Hajj pilgrimage

When a reluctant hajji went for hajj

“Beta hum is saal hajj par zaroor jaen gai!” (We will definitely go for hajj this year!) This was my mother’s constant iteration since the beginning of 2019. Each time she would say this, I would inwardly cringe and make a silent prayer for this to not happen. I had heard hajj was difficult and some sort of a spiritual feeling was required from within. I didn’t possess even the slightest hint of the latter. Despite praying so much for it to be called off, on August 5, 2019, I found myself entering the Islamabad airport. Since everyone on my flight was a ...

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If Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries can practice safe and hygienic qurbani, why can’t Pakistan?

Amateur butchers with no skills, armed with sharp knives and cleavers of various sizes and shapes will once again see daylight on Eidul Azha. These part-time novices can be seen swarming our cities during the wee hours of Eid. They are stationed at every nook and corner and seem trained in their craft of deception. In our quest to find the most reasonable butcher, we end up overlooking important factors such as hygiene and whether or not they are skilled enough to perform qurbani (slaughtering) the correct way. It is imperative that we keep such factors in mind before hiring butchers. After mosques ...

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