Stories about gynaecology

Why are we hiding our periods during Ramazan?

We’ve all been there, ladies. Don’t deny it. Who hasn’t taken a surreptitious look around before scoffing a bite of (insert chosen food here) while on your period in Ramazan? Lately, I’ve been wondering why on earth we do this… Why are we hiding? Clearly it’s because of the many social and medical benefits of pretending to fast while menstruating. Not to mention the frequent suggestions found in the Holy Quran and Sunnah that this is the best way to deal with the crimson wave cravings during the holy fasting month… That last paragraph was total nonsense, just an FYI. So why do we ladies – suffering with ...

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Shaking myths off pregnancy: No, you do not need to eat for two if you’re pregnant!

Seated at a conventional ‘daawat’ (family dinner), I heard an aunty asking a friend, “Apki bahu kyun nahin ayi?” (Why didn’t your daughter-in-law come?) Her friend smiled and replied, “Asal main uski tabiyat kharab hai” (Actually, she isn’t feeling very well.) The room filled up with smiles and people started congratulating Sarah’s mother-in-law. Perplexed and curious, I looked around to know what was going on when I was told in a hushed whisper that Sarah was about to start a family. Pregnancy is a perfectly normal phenomenon and should not be treated as an illness. It shows that like all other systems in our body, the reproductive ...

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Poor health care in Islamabad

Islamabad has failed to set examples for other cities in terms of providing better health care facilities to its citizens. Currently, there is an acute shortage of public hospitals to cater to the needs of poor patients coming not only from Islamabad but also from as far off as Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir. In the rural set-up, the 14 basic healthcare units (BHU) and two rural health-care centres (RHC) are in pathetic conditions. All rural health centres, except one that was upgraded last year, lack basic facilities and are in a shambles. There are no boundary walls, no electricity or clean ...

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