Stories about Guidance Counsellors

My misery, my struggle against myself

Her pace quickened- her water bottle dangling from her arms and her school bag bumped about her shoulders. She inhaled deeply as she started to get out of breath but she did not stop running. A few strands of her hair came loose from her pony tail and brushed against her cheek. She tucked them behind her ear, but she did not slow her pace. Finally, at the sight of her school, she heaved a sigh of relief that she would be safe for at least eight hours now. She made her way to her class, and buried her face in ...

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What if I want to be an astronaut and not a doctor?

The very first profession (barring the childhood fantasies of becoming a superhero or flying jets) I was genuinely interested in Psychology; becoming a shrink, if you will, drew me like a magnet. That of course lasted maybe a few months (four or five months at the most) and this was when I was in the 10th grade. I never really pursued it nor explored it. What attracted me towards this profession was listening to and helping people understand their problems. Unfortunately the fact of the matter was (well at least what I felt at that time- I may have been ...

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