Stories about grad school

Make the GRE agree with you! Here is how you can start prepping

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) isn’t just your ordinary test. The GRE is a test designed to measure the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills you have developed in the course of your academic career, particularly when you are aiming to go USA’s best graduate schools like MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Georgia Tech; you have to encounter the GRE to study under such ‘consistently’ ranked-near-the-top-of-the-elite-school-slush-pile. Worldwide, about half a million people take the general test each year, while a much smaller number take the subject exams. As a non-native speaker, I was first a bit loathsome (yes, utilising GRE vocabulary) ...

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An ‘A’ grader’s secret to success

Throughout my study span, I have seen fellow peers working hard to achieve some good grades to improve their grade point average (GPA). Few, out of many, were able to do it; the rest failed even when they did manage to get hold of the notes of their ‘4.o-GPA-friend’. Where does the latter lot of students go wrong then? Is it because the friend who you borrowed notes or books from might have left you in the dark and not provided you with the complete material? Yes, we all have that thought. There will always be something kept from you, whether unintentionally or not. ...

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