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The beginning of the end: 6 jaw-dropping moments from the latest Game of Thrones

As if on cue, Karachi has been battered by billowing winds, and for Game of Thrones fans that means only one thing, “Winter is Here!” The first episode of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premiered on April 14th and it rightly reminds us of why we never seem to get enough of this fantasy saga. As soon as the opening credits began to roll, I found myself humming the theme song like most fans do. There were some big expectations from the first episode of the much hyped final season and fans expected the premiere to ...

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Game of Thrones S07-E06: Beyond the Wall went far and beyond our expectations

Season seven is coming to a close and the stakes just keep getting higher. The sixth episode was packed with monumental moments. The odds have definitely shifted, and not necessarily in favour of your favourite character. Reunions happened, words were thrown around, yet there has been no ‘happy ever after yet. We almost expected the Stark sisters to come out stronger after their reunion but, unfortunately, as is always the case in Game of Thrones (GoT), things went awry. Since Arya Stark found the letter (where Sansa Stark asked her brother Robb Stark to call of his march on King’s Landing), the sisters have become more ...

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Game of Thrones S07-E03 was, in its truest sense, a Song of Ice and Fire

If the last episode of Game of Thrones (GoT) can be compared to Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, then it would be justified to claim that episode three was more like The Godfather. While last week’s episode was packed with action and thrill, this week’s episode was filled with intense confrontations. As I said last week, this season is on steroids and at some point you might even feel like everything is moving too fast. This episode was titled ‘The Queen’s Justice’, which is an apt title considering the events that transpired. I believe this episode was, in its truest sense, ‘A Song of Ice and ...

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