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Generation ‘Yes, we can’: What are they doing not wasting time?

Will someone tell these twenty-something Pakistani men and women to go out and play cricket or go party with friends or something? What are they doing, writing books, learning classical singing and–you won’t believe this – fixing simulators on Naval submarines! The new crop of young professionals and fresh graduates is all about pushing their limits. They take action, here and now. Here’s how they do it: Starting early This “yes, we can” generation starts shooting for the stars earlier and earlier, barely out of their teens, they put on their thinking caps and put their genius to work. Khadijah Khan started to ...

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iPod: The next generation

Apple has upgraded its line of iPods as was widely anticipated in its September media event. So what are these products and what’s new in them? How different they are from their predecessors? iPod Shuffle In terms of design, not much has changed with this device. The major change is the wider dimensions and a new circular control pad. The older iPod shuffle had most of these control on its earphone cord, but Apple has finally realised the importance of having physical buttons on the device itself. The new design saves you plenty of time. The device ...

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No test, no nikkah (Part 2)

After my post “No test, no nikkah”, I have got some appreciation and at the same time some objections as well. Here is the reply to those objections: Several people asked me how they can ask their partners to get tested. “It doesn’t look good,” they said. A friend of mine said “The in-laws might start beating me Ayesha!” and I simply replied, “Just for once think of your generation – that beating won’t be anything then.” Then, there are people who ask me who am I or the government to stop them marrying their love if both are Thalassemia minor. Who said ...

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