Stories about gay marriage

Did the biased media coverage of the US elections ensure Trump’s victory?

On April 6, 1994, a missile shot down an airplane carrying Hutu leaders Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprian Ntayamira in Rwanda, unleashing the ethnic majority Hutus against the minority Tutsis on a campaign of mass murder. As the atrocity spread, the world debated the nuances of the word ‘genocide’. Three months and at least half a million deaths later proved that, yes, it was genocide. Semantics matter. During the 2016 US election, mainstream media’s refusal to correctly identify bigotry, while perhaps not as egregious as mislabelling ethnic cleansing, has contributed to Donald Trump’s victory. Semantics matter. Trump’s detractors, and count me ...

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Was Fawad Khan’s decision to play a homosexual a mistake?

Kapoor and Sons has garnered much success after its release, grossing over INR100 crore globally within just one week. But apart from its box-office triumph, the film has also received acclaim for bringing topics such as infidelity and homosexuality, once considered taboo, to the forefront of upper-middle class family dynamics.  Director Karan Johar must be given credit for cleverly casting an actor that women swoon over to break the stereotypical image of gay men in our society. However, it seems Fawad Khan may have committed to the movie before having completely thought it through; his effortless and convincing acting may have done wonders for ...

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Can a gay marriage bureau help the Indian LGBT community find love?

The thing about free markets is that where there is a need, a product or service to fulfil that need always emerges. It is this fundamental tenet of human nature that has been responsible for all growth and progress. India recently got its ‘first’ gay marriage bureau, courtesy an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity and decided to pursue it. While such an endeavour may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of enterprise or business prospects, it actually makes complete sense. The quest for a life partner is amongst the most important and time-consuming undertakings for ...

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