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Batman v Superman: From Superheroes to Super Zeros?

After years of speculation and film production, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now finally a reality. The film portrays two of the most iconic characters in the comic book universe, delighting fans and general audience alike. The story takes place 18 months after the events of Man of Steel (2013). An enmity has ensued after billionaire Bruce Wayne from Gotham City saw his Wayne tower get destroyed during the combat between Superman and General Zod that resulted in chaos. Now Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, Batman, has decided to bring Superman to justice because he believes that Superman is ...

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Batman v Superman and the real Dawn of Justice, I loved it!

Behold! The Dark Knight goes up against the Man of Steel! The moment all of us comic book movie nerds have been there for and it was inevitable. It was waiting to happen. And it finally comes at us with all of Zack Snyder’s visual glory. But underneath all the hype and excitement for this movie the real question is: Was it any good? Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.Photo: Screenshot The answer is in one word. YES! Yes, yes, and a million times YES! This movie is good with a capital G. From the get-go, with the brooding tone and ...

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