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Pixar reclaims its place atop the animation throne with its powerful and emotional ‘Coco’

A string of wonderfully creative and thoroughly entertaining films in the ‘00s helped establish Pixar as an animation powerhouse that was creating some of the finest family-friendly animated movies of the decade. But the studio was unable to maintain its momentum as it developed a disappointing case of sequels. Instead of coming up with interesting new releases, the Disney subsidiary chose to build its franchises by revisiting its most popular ideas. This resulted in the making of films that admittedly weren’t bad by any measure but simply lacked the imagination and spark that had made the studio’s best work so ...

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Silence: Watch, drool, absorb, repeat

Woah! Just woah! Am I crazy if I just keep on watching something on loop ad infinitum? The trailer of Martin Scorsese’s much awaited passion project ‘Silence’ has finally dropped, and boy am I stunned speechless. Scorsese’s adaptation of Shūsaku Endō’s novel was definitely at the top of my most anticipated list for a long while now, and we finally get a peek into what’s actually in store for us. Silence book cover. Photo: Wikipedia For nearly three decades, the celebrated filmmaker has been planning to adapt Silence, and I will be honest, the premise of two Jesuit ...

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