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The baby eaters of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi

Undoubtedly, one of the most horrific and gruesome images that can be conjured up is a newborn getting feasted on by rats. This kind of disturbing image is usually seen in the most macabre of horror movies, but as it turns out, reality in Pakistan even surpasses the most bizarrely fabricated fiction. An infant, born to Rahila Bibi, was severely bitten by rats this Sunday at the gynaecology ward of the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi. News reports state that the surviving newborn, barely a day old, has visible rat bites on his face, neck, ears, and other areas of ...

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When I hear of people parting ways with their mental well-being in Lahore, I can relate with their despondency. When I hear of superstition defining remedial measures, I understand the urgency for a cure. The appearance of only three mosquito bites on my arm made me visit the darkest chambers of my mind. I was sitting in the office, my eyes transfixed on the screen before me, when my ears picked up a familiar tune and I reached out for my cell phone vibrating in the corner. A very short conversation it was; all I remember was discussing the screening ...

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