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A daughter’s burden

Over the past decades so much has changed in this world from the foreign relations of Pakistan to the allies of the United States, however one unfortunate thing is still the same, and will perhaps stay this way forever. No, I am not referring to Ms Meera’s age. The point in consideration here is the mindset of most Pakistani parents. I belong to a moderate upper middle-class family in Pakistan but I have had to sacrifice a lot of opportunities because of my parents, mostly my dad. However, I feel my sacrifices were small compared to many others. I have seen my friends give ...

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Help! My Facebook page got hacked

Dear Miss Informed, Help! I am in love with a girl who doesn’t like me. We have been friends for four years and used to talk every day. She even knew that I loved her but she never liked me. However, recently she stopped talking to me because my Facebook account got hacked and the hacker tagged her in a relationship with me on my status. After this incident, she openly insulted me online and said that she always hated me and would never talk to me again. I love everything about her, and miss the good times I had with ...

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