Stories about french culture

France had every right to ban the burkini – Their country, their rules

Women and their clothing have long been a matter of contention in society. Men have always regarded the female body as a symbol of social honour and have sought to control the way women dress and the way they carry themselves. In the modern era, it is only in the last half century or so that women have really been able to get some measure of control over their own choices, and that too only in some parts of the world. In most societies, the patriarchal order still dominates. It has been a long and hard fought struggle for women to break free from the patriarchal stranglehold ...

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This beautiful cheese soufflé will take your taste-buds all the way to France!

I was really wanting to surprise my mother on Mother’s Day with a fancy breakfast in bed, hence I searched for the perfect breakfast menu and discovered that egg is the one staple ingredient used in all breakfasts, so I had to somehow include it in my menu as well. While searching for the perfect breakfast, I came across a recipe of cheese soufflé. The best part about this recipe was that there was no need to go and buy additional ingredients, since they were already stacked in my pantry. Moreover, my love for the French culture motivated me to try ...

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