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Three old men intent on ruining the World Cup

In the modern game of football, it is argued that national team coaches can only do so much. The players, after all are all (theoretically) at the top of their game. They all belong to club sides which keep them in shape and hone their skills and the national team coach is little more than a cheerleader, tagged along for the ride, watching them do their thing. This is mind numbingly blithering and gut wrenchingly wrong. For proof, I provide you with three exhibits, each seemingly intent on taking something beautiful, and ruining it. Exhibit A is our old friend Diego, coaching ...

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Kicking off the World Cup: The contenders, Part I

With the FIFA World Cup 2010 well and truly underway, it’s time to take a look at the performances of the traditional heavyweights. From the qualifiers, three teams stood out as strong contenders: Spain, Brazil, and England. The champions in 2006, Italy, did not particularly impress in the run up to South Africa 2010, while their fellow finalists France achieved qualification in what can only be described as dubious circumstances (just don’t ask the Irish.) Argentina’s presence has required a fair bit of divine intervention, while both Germany and the Netherlands championed the no-fuss approach. How did these teams actually ...

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