Stories about fossil fuels

Why aren’t oil companies apologising for the oil spills in Nigeria?

The current world economy is structured in such a way that the fossil fuel industry has unquestionable hegemonic power. Developed and developing economies alike need energy to sustain and grow. This energy market is monopolised by the fossil fuel industry. Oil, natural gas and other energy producing fossil fuels have not only helped build some of the biggest companies in the world, but have also aided the development and solidification of certain national economies like the Gulf states and Venezuela. This monopoly in the energy sector seems to have given oil corporations power over states – allowing certain companies to be careless in cleaning up massive oil ...

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Did you know? 20 scientific inventions and discoveries that will blow your mind!

With all the sad news of corruption, crimes against women, religion-based violence in our subcontinent, and the political tensions that keep taking place at the global level (like the recent ones we have witnessed in Ukraine, Greece and the Middle East), we unfortunately seldom turn our attention to the very exciting scientific inventions and discoveries taking place across the globe, including our part of the world. Here’s a list of some relatively recent ones: 1. Solar roadways Indiegogo, a company based in San Francisco, has developed a technology to convert roads into solar power houses. This was a hot topic of discussion on Facebook ...

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