Stories about five star hotels

How in God’s name was Regent Plaza even allowed to function without fire safety measures?

Anyone who has taken their Cambridge exams in Karachi will know the significance of Regent Plaza. I was not only a Cambridge student who scurried through the halls of Regent Plaza but later, for odd jobs, I was also an invigilator for British Council and often had duties in the various conference rooms of the hotel. There are so many people like me who, for years, have some sort of consistent relationship with Regent Plaza. I remember attending a conference there, and I even stayed there when I came back to Pakistan for a short while. When I returned, ...

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Do we want to continue eating at unhygienic food outlets?

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Facebook page has become the new talk of the town as on an average, every second day they are providing updates accompanied with shocking images of restaurants, bakeries and food vendors being sealed or fined due to unhygienic conditions. The PFA might have been set up in 2011 by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to ensure that clean and hygienic food is made available for the people living in the province, but it really sprang into action since Ayesha Mumtaz has taken over its command a few months ago. Her actions have stirred up a debate about hygiene at food outlets mainly ...

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