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This winter, let’s get fishy!

I’ve always been fond of seafood. Whether you’re a diehard pescatarian or just a seafood lover, you’re probably in need of some fresh ideas – which is why I thought I’d share one of my favourite recipes; a quick fix that will hopefully inspire you to incorporate more seafood into your meals considering it’s a very important part of a healthy diet. Speaking of seafood, did you know that October is national seafood month this time around in the United States? So why not celebrate something in the name of the One World One Ocean campaign*? Plus this recipe is a winner! It’s so simple, does not require any lengthy marinating ...

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Seafood cravings: Lemon drizzled grilled fish steak, served with lightly spiced jumbo prawns on pesto fettuccine

Grilling is one of those techniques of cooking that preserve the nutrition, is quick and brings out food that is visually pleasant and tastes superb. This method seals the juices and flavours of the meat inside, leaving it flaky and crispy with mouth-watering grill marks on the outside but juicy and moist on the inside. A stove top griller is the best thing that happened to me. Since I cook a limited quantity of meals, the one made by Prestige is good enough to cook a grilled meal for four. During the winter chill, inviting your friends for an outdoor grilled meal ...

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