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Is Singapore turning into Pakistan with its uncontested and undemocratic election of Halima Yacob?

Halima Yacob, a former advocate of women rights, of psychological health and senior citizens, and the speaker of the Parliament of Singapore, was recently sworn in as the first female president of Singapore. Her election may be a milestone for Singaporean women, but nothing more. The Singaporean government curtailed the presidency criteria, which authorised Yacob as the most befitting candidate for presidency. Her selection met with social media outrage that is justified due to the fact that it was a uncontested election. come on. only Halimah received the eligibility certificate. did you guys have to make it THAT obvious? #NOTMYPRESIDENT — Edward C. Yong ن (@infernoxv) September 11, ...

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It is in Trump’s America that a seven-year-old Muslim boy can be bullied and bruised

I still have a hard time believing it. I say this to myself every time I see Donald Trump on television as a presidential candidate. My disbelief doubled and tripled as I watched the recent presidential debate. During one of the debates, on the issue of ‘Black Lives Matter’, Donald Trump completely subverted the issue of racism and turned it into an issue of ‘law and order’. As if that wasn’t enough, his infamous tapes of proudly harassing women have surfaced. “This guy? Seriously, America? You want to make this guy your president?” I say that to myself every time. Ironically, he ...

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