Stories about fire safety

Factory fire: The inspectors said that the building was safe

Eight hours after flames from the Baldia Town garment factory fire had been doused, the top floor of the building was still simmering. It is here that the highest number of deaths had taken place. Around 200 people had screamed for help and had tried to look for a way to escape, but to no avail. The only door was on fire, while the windows were too small to let the air in, resulting in people dying of suffocation. Only three people on the floor managed to come out alive after rescue workers tore through one of the small grilled ...

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Factory fires: What you can do to prevent a similar tragedy

Last week at work, during my lunch hour I was casually browsing the internet while eating my sandwich when I first read about the horrific fire incident in the unfortunate factory located in SITE Karachi. A few lines in, the gruesome graphic details and the staggering casualty count made me lose my appetite. Like most people, I couldn’t help but wonder about the horror experienced by the victims during the last few moments of their lives and their helplessness in the wake of imminent death. After getting over the nauseating feeling, I read a few blogs and comment boards on which the ...

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My hell on earth

Dust and heat scrubbed this sky of all colour. Disfigured roads and dismal buildings littered the earth beneath it; a desolate land in shades of dirt. He looked upon the building below him. The veneer of smog and heat created the impression of a mirage, giving the factory an almost dream-like quality. “Death trap,” he whispered to himself. Day after day, he was sent to observe, not knowing why. He never questioned, much like the people he would see filling into this building in just a few moments. One door ─ they entered through one door every morning; they left through the same door every evening. There was ...

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