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Where have all the urban Pakistani girls gone?

Hello Pakistani filmmakers and television producers, my friends and I exist in this country too! There are two types of Karachi girls shown in Pakistani dramas and films – she’s either “bholi bhali” ,“seedhi saadhi”, “masoom” larki or a complete “chundaal” aurat out to snatch your “bhola bhala”, “seedha saadha”,“masoom” man! One of the reasons why I can’t watch anything “Pakistani” these days is because I can’t see a representation of women like myself on TV. I yawned when people fawned over Khirad – I was pissed off that a smart woman like Mahira Khan would take on a role so ...

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4 reasons “Edge of Tomorrow” was such a… fail

From the day that the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow was revealed, it was surrounded by a buzz. With Tom Cruise playing the lead and the amazing visual effects, I was sure we were in for a mega summer blockbuster; in fact, the day the film was released in Pakistan, all the shows were sold out! That, in itself, seemed thoroughly promising. Boy was I disappointed. There was absolutely nothing extraordinary about the movie, in fact, in my opinion, it lacked a power-punch packed script and failed to keep the audience engaged in the overall plot. Its slogan, ‘Live, Die, ...

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: A surprisingly good change to the superhero genre!

I was dreading the worst when I heard there was an extra ticket available for the May 1 show of the latest instalment in The Amazing Spiderman series. I was hoping to have a lie-in on the public holiday but against my expectations, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was much more than the usual summer blockbuster. The stereotypical action film is much like a bad cake – an incoherent mess of jarring action scenes with a powder-thin plot, a half-baked romance and a hackneyed terrorism climax involving an Arab or Pakistani. But unlike most superhero movies, the filmmakers have taken the effort to build a plot ...

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