Stories about Feudal killing

Tania Khashkeli and Pakistan’s trigger-happy feudal lords who think Sindhi lives are cheap

Imagine a young, pretty girl living in rural Sindh, one that is part of a modest family that believes in educating its girls. In a picture of her, I see a dainty teenager wearing pink against a backdrop of spring flowers. Imagine a landlord who has ties with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), one who has the power to influence the local police and is accompanied by armed men. His photograph reveals everything about his unsavoury profile – greasy hair, distinct moustache, the proud display of weapon paraphernalia. This story cannot end well. Allegedly, Khan Muhammad Noohani wanted to marry young Tania. However, Tania and her family saw ...

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Pakistan: A land with feudals, a nation without Shahzeb

Suddenly, out of the blue, one incident can jolt a group of people into corrective action. It breaks through their familiarity. It shatters apathy. Simultaneously, several strong-willed, capable individuals are united in the knowledge that their own heart might intercept the next bullet that escapes a wayward weapon, unless they act this instant. Shahzeb Khan, January 31, 1992 – December 25, 2012, was shot the night of his sister’s valima because of a tiff with members of a feudal family. His murder was similar to millions of others in Pakistan. The reasons for these tragedies are strikingly similar too; in the vacuum of ...

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