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Finding flamingos in Karachi

My friend said, “I think there are flamingos in Karachi, and I’m going to find them.” When I got this call from Mirza Naim Beg at around nine o’clock on Friday night, I thought this was the best way a retired man could start his weekend. No, I have not retired as yet. Beg sahib is a retired banker and was also a fashion photographer for some renowned magazines from yesteryears. He has discovered a new-found love for beauty, only this time he shot real birds with feathers and beaks. Naturally my response to him was to go ahead, only if he knew where to find them. He had ...

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A FRESH! prespective at the Amin Gulgee Gallery

This evening I attended the launch of an unusual art exhibition in Karachi at the Amin Gulgee Gallery. It was called ‘Fresh!’ – 64 artists under 30, and showcased the art of yes, you guessed it, 64 young Pakistani artists from all across the country. Source: John McCarry, coordinator of the gallery, told me that Amin had attended an exhibition in New York at the New Museum called ‘Younger than Jesus’, which showcased artists all under the age of 34. “Why not do something like that here?” wondered Amin. So he found two co-curators, Raania Azam Khan Durrani, founder of the Commune Artist ...

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