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Far from the Madding Crowd: Aesthetically romantic with calculated rhythms

“They spoke very little of their mutual feeling; pretty phrases and warm expressions being probably unnecessary between such tried friends.” (Thomas Hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd) Based on a Victorian novelist of naturalist movement and poet Thomas Hardy’s 1874 literary masterpiece of the same name, Far From The Madding Crowd is an aesthetically created alluring romantic yet heady melodrama with the calculated rhythms and opulent aspects of rural life – all expressed with poignancy and the unforgettable character of a determined and eccentric female protagonist, Bathsheba Everdene.   Photo: IMDb Danish director and co-founder of the Dogme 95 avant-garde film movement, Thomas Vinterberg’s drama adaptation ...

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Karachi Burns Road: The Holy Grail for foodies

The waiter picked up my Naan. He saw my quizzical expression and said, “It’s not hot anymore. I am getting you a fresh one.” Then he comes back and asks in a solicitous whisper if I am enjoying myself. With such courtliness, how could I not? This Michelin star service was not at an exorbitantly priced restaurant. No, the setting of this delightful exchange was Waheed Nihari at Karachi’s Burns Road a.k.a. food paradise. Ernest Hemingway called Paris a moveable feast – in the same vein, Karachi is an immovable feast and Burns Road the location. The food capital of Pakistan is reputed to be Lahore. I beg to differ. Lahore ...

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