Stories about Fakhra Younus

To Fakhra Yunus and Noman – With love, from Tehmina Durrani

Strange are the ways of God, Strange is the help He provides, I love you to the moon and beyond, There aren’t many places to hide!   The sky above heads be a witness, When helpless were helped by a helpless, The amount of effort that it took me, How shall I put in words? I feel restless!   The shadow over Napier road, Karachi, Of a once-scarred moon needing justice, Will bring back the grace and enlighten, This painful dichotomy of success!   This too shall pass and so quickly I recall, I took you to Italy, Five years young and your mother, Recovering from hell and so swiftly.   In 12 years with 39 surgeries, A breadwinner with burnt-flesh hungry, By lack of equality in our system, Then gave ...

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In Bhakkar, breakfast is Tiffany

People eat strange things. In Southeast Asia, insects are a delicacy and in East Asia, the same goes for dogs. Pig meat, a major source of protein in the diets of many peoples, are taboo for Muslims and Jews. The same applies to the noble cow for Hindus. The reasons for these differences are manifold. So before we get ahead of ourselves, it is important to agree that ‘food’ is not an easily defined word. In Bhakkar, two brothers were arrested for desecrating a grave. While saddening, it is not really the worst of crimes. But that is only because under Pakistani ...

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