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Looking out for their own

The number of fake degree holders continues to mount as the scrutiny process is underway. It worries the public when it finds that the legislators they elect to protect their rights and pass laws in parliament are actually themselves breaching the law. But on comparing these fake degree holders with politicians and ministers who hold real degrees I find no difference. Ministers who are graduates are also seen disregarding the sanctity of the law quite audaciously. Some weeks ago the prime minister endorsed fake degree holder Jamshed Dasti who contested National Assembly by-elections held in Muzzaffargarh. Supporting Dasti means that ...

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So much for freedom of speech in Pakistan

Who said that it is only the extremist elements that cannot stand the free press in this country? There are in fact numerous groups that would refute this misconception. First there are the lawyers, who could not stand being recorded beating up unarmed men in a government office in Faisalabad or beating up a policeman. How dare the cameraman show them doing that? And of course, in response they thought it best to simply break a camera or two. Then there are the doctors, who could not stand having to deal with investigations and coverage of news stories highlighting their malpractice. So, ...

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The mockery of education

Pakistan is a country of 170 million people with an average literacy rate of 57 per cent only. The education sector has always been treated like an illegitimate child when it comes to annual budget allocations. A great chunk of the federal budget goes to military and defense. It has been the same old story this year. The defense budget was raised by 17 per cent in the annual federal budget under the pretext of ongoing war against militants while the spending on education is less than 3 per cent. According to a recent report by Sharmila Farooqui, advisor to ...

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