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The scariest costume you can wear this Halloween is ‘racism’

A fake ‘Sheikh’ nose, blackface, and a Mexican sombrero? Let me guess: you’re going to that Halloween party tonight as a ‘Howling Racist’. Halloween has little relevance to the lives of most Pakistani people. It is celebrated in certain elite quarters, while the rest of us wonder what scarcity of spookiness there is in this country that needs to be compensated for with a few extra zombie masks. For those who participate, I may have a Gullu Butt costume to lend out, if you ask nicely. But it is an important tradition in much of the Western world, particularly the United ...

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Stop using flashing lights, sirens and fake number plates, it’s illegal!

Karachi suffers from a serious law and order situation. Along with criminals, some of the rich and powerful citizens and state institutions also challenge the law for their own advantage. A number of private and government vehicles are illegally using emergency flashing lights installed on the roof or hidden in the front grills of their cars. They are seen casually flashing these emergency lights and impersonating as police vehicles, using the conventional red and blue colours. These cars are seen driven rashly, and the drivers continuously honk and harass others in traffic. Some of them are private vehicles with families sitting inside and one wonders what emergency ...

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Karachi for Dubai: An unfair trade

Ever since my family was robbed at gunpoint, we’ve been planning an escape route out of Pakistan. Lately, my family has given me a very serious country testing mission. The objective: to find a place that feels like Karachi — minus the killings and corruption. Naturally, my first stop was Dubai because if countries were related, wouldn’t Karachi be its twin sister? Only Dubai would be the prettier, more fashionable one with more money. But three days in the city and I couldn’t wait to come home to the ugly, wretched sister with no morals. I’ve always believed that every city has ...

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I told Shamsul Anwar’s story

I don’t know where to start from. I don’t know how to console all those who were fooled by Shamsul Anwar, the man responsible for cooking up a fake story to swindle people. What really disgusts me is that he toyed with the emotions of so many just for the sake of money. Let me confess, I first filed the story on this very same man in December 2010, approximately a year before the story ‘Waiting to receive the pieces of daughter’s dead body’ was published by The News. The reason that made me do so was the same which made thousands collect money ...

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Life is plastic…in a Barbie world

Half the fun in flipping through celebrity tabloids and society magazines lies in speculating who’s had ‘work’ done. Although plastic surgeons ethically shouldn’t operate on patients with surgical addictions or Body Dysmorphic Disorder, the following results demonstrate otherwise: Overt Barbie-ism – Lips, nose and bust combo package: • Megan Fox is ‘foxier’ after having surgical procedures that have taken her to the pinnacle of Hollywood beauty standards. • Lindsay Lohan is a controversial actress who looks about the same age group as her mother, Dina. • Katie Price, a British reality TV star, is as ‘real’ as a drag queen. • Preity Zinta is decidedly ‘pretty’ after all ...

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Eight fake Twitterati you need to follow

Twitter seems to have become the next big thing, after Facebook, for Pakistanis, or at least for the 20 million internet users in Pakistan. This is probably because Twitter allows unparalleled access to almost everyone on it – aside from the weirdos who have restricted timelines. Twitter is exciting – almost all the superstars of politics, sports, culture, music and film are on it and you can speak to any of them, or at least, attempt to. Sometimes, they even answer back – nowhere else is this kind of power possible in Pakistan, unless you are a visa officer in the ...

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Easy education: How to spot a fake school

It is not so hard to to attain a student visa for the United Kingdom nowadays and go there for higher education with a dream of becoming rich. Indeed the process has now become very easy – even students who have just completed 12 years of education get admissions in universities in the UK. The UK earns nearly $1.8 billion annually from international students, most of these are from Asia. A pertinent question here is: does every university in the UK provide quality education and are all properly accredited? No. According to research conducted by a UK based background screening company in 2011, ...

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Pirs, fakirs and other freaks

Blood curdling fury. That’s the best and perhaps only way to describe my feelings when I read news stories about pirs and their never-ending shenanigans. Fury, not at the pirs, because let’s face it, they’ve proved time and again that they’re quite good at their job of scamming, but at the people who happily volunteer to be used and abused by these charlatans and then go whining about their misfortune to the authorities, seeking commiseration and justice. What a heartless snoot you must think I am, right? Brutally chalking off victims of one of the most hideous and widespread forms of ...

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PakLeaks: Did I miss the humour?

I used to believe that blogs were a great way for people to express themselves. Old school bloggers have a way with words and express themselves in an interesting manner. Unfortunately, a new generation of bloggers seems to think that the medium gives writers a license to go around making personal attacks just because it seems fun. I heard about a new blog called PakLeaks which seemed to be Pakistan’s equivalent of WikiLeaks. The blog claimed to have 35,000 leaked direct messages or “DMs” from members of Pakistan’s Twitterati. It claimed that it is being hacked because of the nature of its ...

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October 13, 2010
 Narmeen Tariq

Medal of Honor: Killing people is fun, mostly

Violent video games, I admit, are the most fun to play. Killing ‘bad guys,’ slicing off heads using a sword, shooting someone in the gut with a bazooka and putting someone on fire are just some of the ways to kill in video games. God of War, Mortal Combat, Counter strike, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Crime Life are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. I myself am a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto. It’s been one of my favourite video games of all times. However, one of latest video games to hit the market “Medal ...

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