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In memoriam: Abdul Wahab

Peace jirgas are groups of local elders from different tribal agencies who have decided to say no to terrorism. Their cause is to give a normal life to their families and they have decided to side with the army and government of Pakistan in an attempt to get rid of the insurgency in their area. In pursuit of peace they have often come under attack from misguided people who have gone to the extent of taking precious human lives, just because they think they are right and everyone else is wrong. They killed more than 40 people in Mohmand Agency yesterday (Tuesday) ...

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Why Babar Awan chose to shut up

A friend of mine recently sent me this clip of Babar Awan’s interview on one of my favorite shows Point Blank hosted by Mubashir Lucman. In the show the federal law minister uses a weapon that many politicians don’t know how to use against the media –the power of silence. One of my instructors at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting used to tell the class that “silence is death of the broadcast media.” I believe that it was a slight miscalculation on Lucman’s part that gave Awan the opportunity to utilize the potent weapon of silence. Lucman put forth a few questions to Awan ...

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The sky falls in Islamabad

A little later than 2:30 a.m. I am too sleepy to be coherent but am grumble randomly nonetheless. The hubby is watching Prince of Persia and barely bothers to nod at my chatter. When the bed starts shaking, both of us initially blame each other. But then, we see the lights swinging and realization strikes. An earthquake – and from the way it feels, a pretty severe one. The shock hardly lasts a couple of seconds but we rush outside. A couple of dogs bark, a cat cries, but all is quiet otherwise. No one else seems to be up at this late hour ...

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