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Strengthening medico-legal evidence

Not a single day passes without news items blackening the pages and our media screens about violent deaths and assaults on women and children.. Editorials cover issues from domestic violence to karo-kari and jirga induced lawlessness. Only recently an 18-year-old girl, who worked as a domestic worker, was raped and murdered in Lahore. Pakistan’s youth (between the ages of 14-24) is the largest bulk of the population. An Aahing report(2007)  also shows that girls between 12 to 20 years are at the highest risk of being subjected to sexual crimes of rape. Boys are more susceptible to sexual assault at a ...

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Chapters that don’t exist

“I was shocked when I saw the paper. It did not contain any of the questions I had prepared,” said a shocked BCom student of Punjab College of Commerce. He had only prepared three chapters. And then the collective lot of his buddies got the University of Punjab to reschedule the exam, with the option of bonus marks for anyone who decided not to re-sit the exam. To any independent observer not accustomed to the educational system of Pakistan, we must appear strange people. Our books are big and fat, filled with chapters full of information, or so they claim. ...

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