Stories about evolution

Poetry for monkeys

Do you know Mr Javed Chaudhry? You should if you don’t. He’s amazing. Recently, he was invited to speak to some students on ‘Relationships’(?). He kicked off the discussion with the claim that he is smarter than Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, et al. simply because they lived 5,000 or 3,000 years ago (both dates are wrong, actually). He said: “If we are not wearing 5,000 year old pants or using nail-cutters from so long ago, then why are we bothering with what those people thought or wrote?” After this hatchet job on Aristotle & Co’s longstanding reputation, Mr Chaudhry laid it into Darwin ...

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Burgers are food, not people

Among the many confusions that prevail in the minds of ordinary citizens these days, I find myself bothered by a a niggling question – what is the difference between a bun kebab and a burger. Is there even a difference or are they actually the same? I’ve been fond of both sandwiches since I was a child and until recently did not notice that the differences between the two have started to decrease over the years. A few days ago on the way back from work I was craving something to eat. I stopped at a bun kebab stall and asked the cook ...

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