Stories about etiquettes

Do we need finishing schools in Pakistan? YES!

As a fresh high school graduate, I remember resisting my mother’s assertion on how I should join an etiquette school to keep my summers productive. If it were up to me, I would have loved to vegetate on my couch and watch all the TV shows and movies I had missed out on during examination week. I vividly recall her retorting, “It’ll really help you conduct yourself with poise and dignity.” I thought to myself then, as if I wasn’t already a lady? Do I really need it? What would I possibly learn more from it? Reminiscing back to that point ...

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My problem with your staring problem

My daily walk from my point stop to my apartment is nothing less than torture for me; not because I am exhausted after a tiring day at college and my legs are unable to bear that five-minute stress; but because the dear men of my beloved nation are suffering from the staring syndrome. Whether I am wearing jeans with a shirt or am covered in a burqa, there are three points in that five-minute walk where I feel people eyeing me with extreme interest. The first is an under construction building, where poor and ...

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