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Will PTV English survive?

With the much-talked about launch of the PTV English news channel, there is an interesting mix of feelings about it in the market. For most people like myself there is little doubt that the news channel will see the unfortunate end that Geo English, Dawn News and Express 24/7 have already faced. There no longer remains a complicated formula to predict the result. It is simple – in a free market there are only two ways to survive. You have to cater to demand and you have to be the best at what you do. Both ingredients are missing in the expansionary move ...

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[email protected]: Why you should work at The Express Tribune

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they are about to start university and have to make choices, pertaining to what subjects they should choose in line with what career or profession they plan to pursue. This can get very tricky, if you are a person of faith – particularly a Muslim. Since Islam, besides being a religion, is also considered a way of life, Muslims are faced with the moral dilemma of choosing a career that is also in line with the teachings of Islam or at best, does not go against the teachings of Islam. There is a ...

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The death of English news in Pakistan

During a job interview in Lahore, at the purpose built headquarters of a soon-to-launch news channel, I was asked how I felt about hosting an English language program to cater to the expats responsible for many important decisions. My response back in 2008; the ones who matter already have the means to get the information they need. The idea of an English language news program was great, but not to satisfy the appetites of expats. It was important, first, to satisfy the needs of our own people. The most common response to my idealism – as it was usually considered – ...

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