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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: A surprisingly good change to the superhero genre!

I was dreading the worst when I heard there was an extra ticket available for the May 1 show of the latest instalment in The Amazing Spiderman series. I was hoping to have a lie-in on the public holiday but against my expectations, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was much more than the usual summer blockbuster. The stereotypical action film is much like a bad cake – an incoherent mess of jarring action scenes with a powder-thin plot, a half-baked romance and a hackneyed terrorism climax involving an Arab or Pakistani. But unlike most superhero movies, the filmmakers have taken the effort to build a plot ...

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Make your spider sense tingle with The Amazing Spider-Man

When I first read about the reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, I was immediately sceptical about it and rightfully so. It felt like just another Hollywood gimmick to cash in on the character after the dismal Spider-Man 3 of 2007 tainted the trilogy with its embarrassing mark.  But when the news got around that Marc Webb would be directing the new franchise and that he was to take a much more serious approach towards it, my anticipation started growing for the film. Sure, Marc Webb displayed his talents in the quirky comedy 500 days of Summer (2009) but the question was, Can he direct a superhero flick? But why a reboot? What was wrong with Sam ...

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