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Stem cell research and ethical dilemmas: How far have we come?

Stems cells are biological cells that have the potential to differentiate into many types of specialised cells in the developing stages. They are present in multi-cellular organisms. In several tissues, they mimic a type of internal repair system and they keep dividing without any restriction to serve the purpose of replacing other cells to keep the animal or person alive. The division of stem cell through mitosis creates a new cell that has the potential of either remaining a stem cell or becoming another kind of cell possessing a specialised function – like a red blood cell, a muscle cell or even a brain cell. Stem cells ...

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In Vitro Fertilisation: Don’t choose a boy over a girl, choose a baby!

Being blessed with a baby opens up a new epoch in every couple’s life. There is excitement at the new arrival, fear of the impending responsibilities and the innate desire to protect the tiny being from all evils. Even the gender of the baby gives rise to a myriad of emotions, feelings and sentiments depending on whether it is a pink blouse or a blue shirt. However, the process of having a baby is not as easy for some as it is for others. Statistics reveal that 10% to 20% couples fail to have a baby the natural way. However, all hope ...

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