Stories about electricity

Unity, PHET, Discipline?

Promising my children a whole 50 hours of some very heavy rain and not getting more than five, it was not wise of me to break to them that Phet had left. They obviously started yelling and crying upon hearing the news and had the media on their side, closely emulating the emotions of the kids. Yes, Saien Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi (RA) seems to have pleaded to the Almighty on behalf of the poor of Karachi, as a lot was at stake for the country if the metropolis had collapsed as warned. I believe it, you may not. The beautiful rainbow ...

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KESC, killing the economy slowly

Being a monopolistic utility provider, there lies great responsibility on the management of KESC to provide fair and professional services to its consumers. Normally, in the developed world there is more than one utility supplier of the same service, which gives the consumers a chance to select from the packages which best suit their needs, and also keeps the competition healthy giving a constant drive for service improvement amongst the providers. Karachi is at the mercy of KESC, which is a privatised utility unit and a business that is so profitable, that in spite of the losses they claim to bear, ...

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