Stories about Eidul Azha recipe

What’s for lunch this Eid? Biryani, chapli kabab and kulfi

My childhood memories associated with Eidul Azha are still very clear. I was raised in a joint family household, so just imagine around a dozen people, including young boys, trying to get to the congregational Eid prayer on time. I miss that chaos, the preparations, and the presence of various butchers sharpening their knives, while all the children would surround them in anticipation. The girls, including myself, would get ready and watch the qurbani, all the while helping our mothers in the kitchen. Laying the table, taking out the fancy china in the rooms filled with air soaked in the appetising smell of butter ...

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This Morroccan tagine and 2-minute bread pudding will have you wishing this Eid lasts forever

Hajj for most, as they say, is a life changing experience.  And I can vouch for this myself as well. Four years ago, when Mr A and I decided to venture for this concrete  pillar, we realised how it was  a combination of all the other pillars together, where you believe in Tauheed (oneness of Allah), perform salah (prayer), fasting and zakat (charity) in some form or the other. With all the blessings, tears, inner resolve and strength, our 10-day trip was not without its frivolities. It was certainly a life changing experience when Mr A and I in full ...

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