Stories about dictatorship

The democracy of detachment

Our elite have claimed democracy for themselves, and as they fashion the term in which ever way that gains them votes (“democracy is the best revenge“), they perpetuate the status-quo. The constitution seems to only apply or not apply during military rule, in those parts which prolongs their period of rule. The privileges, nay rights of the individual are forgotten by those in power, the military, bureaucrats, politicians, industrialists; as they stand on a pedestal of the down trodden. While military rule and democracy in Pakistan are framed as opposing extremes, it is perhaps more accurate to recognize them as ...

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Down with dynastic politics

A few days back I was watching a documentary on the royal family of Britain, when a comment ran by. “The king is dead, long live the king.” The glorious revolution brought down the pillars of hereditary kingship in Britain. The transition went quite smoothly and was finally incorporated in the “Act of Settlement” by the British Parliament. This great event had two significant points. Firstly, it abolished the age-old belief that kingship belonged to a specific family. Secondly, it propounded the golden principle of sovereignty of the parliament. Unfortunately, while we may have learned parliamentary democracy from the British, our political ...

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