Stories about DHA

Can’t get shisha in DHA? Go somewhere else!

The libertarian and the doctor in me have been at war with each other for some time, generating a tremendous deal of cognitive dissonance regarding the use of shisha. I have recently begun leaning away from the ban. Here’s why, The recent move by the Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi to ban cafes from serving shisha has expectedly drawn some controversy. I’ve personally never smoked shisha in my life (Hi mom! Thanks for reading my blog!) but I still believe I’ve acquired enough information about it to make a case against the ban. The most obvious problem with the ban is that it applies only ...

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DHA blast and the drug addicts of the future

For decades now, Pakistan has been known to be a hub for the production and smuggling of heroin and hashish but as of recent years, more psychotropic drugs have also surfaced to challenge a nation already struggling with a handful of troubles. With Muharram’s blast alerts, which raised immense levels of security, there was an explosion in my ‘supposedly’ safe neighbourhood of Defence in Karachi. The blast was a result of criminals and their makeshift lab for the drug crystal methamphetamine. During the investigation, it emerged that children from elite families from surrounding areas were buyers and users of the ...

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Driving on the moon

For the past few months, driving in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has turned into a tough and expensive task. Tough, because of the ‘brilliant’ sewerage lines laid right in the centre of the roads. Cities are planned with the future needs in mind and these people couldn’t even plan an area! These geniuses thought of a new way and style for sewerage lines: Right in the middle of the road and lined with gaps for the water to fall through. As if the water will collect at every gap between these lines. There are countries in the world where ...

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