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With Mr Mercedes, Stephen King makes us scared of every day events and items

If you are into the kind of crime thrillers in which you find yourself gradually developing a soft spot for the homicidal anti-hero; so much so, that you start hoping that he doesn’t get caught, then Mr Mercedes is just the series for you. Based on Stephen King’s best-seller of the same name, the 10-part adaptation hits a little too close to home with multiple recent real life cases of vehicular terrorism occuring throughout the globe. The show kicks off with an incident when a silver Mercedes, driven by a man in a clown mask rams into a powerless crowd waiting outside a convention ...

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Bobby Jasoos: A volcano of talent… wasted!

Keeping the taste of Bollywood fans and critics in mind, director Samar Shaikh and producer Dia Mirza came up with a great formula for their new movie, Bobby Jasoos, one which they thought would be a hit movie. To understand it better, the formula is a mix between women-centric movies, like No one killed Jessica, Hate Story, Dirty Picture, Gulaab Gang and English Vinglish, and detective thrillers, like John Day, Samrat & Co., Kahaani, Mr Joe B Carvalho.  So what is the movie about? Bobby Jasoos is about Bilquis Ahmed (Vidya Balan), also known as Bobby Jasoos, who aspires to be a detective ...

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