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8 times McDreamy was actually a McNightmare!

These days, it seems like every day you wake up to a different scandal which makes you sort of hate a celebrity you once used to love. There is, of course, Matt Damon, the perfect example of a celebrity whose tendency to put his foot in his mouth made us question what seemed to be a “nice guy” façade. This time, the outrage is directed at the revelation by Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo, that her co-star, Patrick Dempsey, did not support her when it came to negotiating her pay. Pompeo rightly felt that she deserved to be paid ...

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Why Game of Thrones is infinitely better than Grey’s Anatomy

This post is for all those who like to compare Game of Thrones with Grey’s Anatomy. I would like to correct such people and let them know that no matter what happens, Grey’s can never be as amazing as GOT. And here are my reasons. Although I am no longer a fan of Grey’s, I must admit the show was one of my guilty pleasures at one point in time. Being the only brother of four older sisters, something peculiar like this was bound to happen; it could’ve been a lot worse I suppose, but oh well. I remember the show ...

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