Stories about Dengue Virus

Is it necessary for animal sacrifice to take place in homes?

The year was 1348. A mysterious disease broke out, killing up to 60% of the people of Europe. It is estimated that a third of the world’s population had succumbed to the disease. Some estimates are that more than a 100 million people perished. The disease was called the Black Death, which was caused by the bites of fleas carrying the microbe from infected rats to humans. The plague was so lethal that those who came in contact with the sick were themselves infected and died within a few days. According to those who survived, citizens avoided one another, neighbours stopped talking to each ...

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Series 1: “Dreams of Lunacy” Part 3 The rich

Zameer opens his door, which is covered with dust, cow dung, and drawings done by a chalk. As he enters his nine-year-old son, Hassan, spots him and runs towards him and holds him tightly. Zameer embraces him with all his love, but not all his strength. “How have you been, my son?” “Good.” “Where’s your mother?” “She’s gone to get roti’s, she just left.” He nods his head, and drags a charpoy under the peepal tree, removes his shoes and discharges a long sigh. Hassan watches with wonder, at shiny shoes covered in shiny dust, which only please the owner when they are taken off. “Are ...

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Well-done Government of Punjab, Dengue is in check!

There is a low level outbreak of dengue fever in Lahore and its outskirts. Over the last few weeks more than a hundred patients have tested positive for the dengue virus. Every day the media gives the public an updated count of how many patients have been diagnosed with dengue fever. Sometimes the media is so dutiful in its obligation to inform, that the reports include the names of the suspected dengue patients as well! Every patient is important. Even one case of dengue fever is one too many. Having said as much, if we look at the size of the ...

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