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Altaf Hussain’s UK investigation: Hold your horses, Pakistan, only time will tell!

Two months ago, there was a press conference between British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Mr Adam Thompson and a soiree of Pakistani journalists. The purpose of this meeting was to brief the media with the findings of the 2013 election observers. The standard questions asked, however, somehow revolved solely around the MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain, his indictment and a statement from the UK government. The standard reply received was that the London Metropolitan Police was free from government pressure and whilst investigations were underway, no statement can be given. But that didn’t satiate our appetite for more information; the press conference could ...

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How not to lose your kid

As any parent will tell you, leaving the house to go for, say, buying bread, is not as simple as you may think. Normal people will grab their wallet and their keys and run out. For parents, it involves a long litany such as taking the kids to the bathroom, getting them ready (which has a litany of its own), packing a bag of toys, snacks and spare clothes, and by the time you are finally ready, a kid will need the bathroom again.  So when it’s in the news, that yet again, someone has forgotten their child somewhere, such ...

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