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What encourages the crowd to cheer for the ‘bad guys’?

The art of professional wrestling has often been undermined and condescended, given its scripted nature. What such people have yet to understand is that it’s not only about winning and losing, but also the art of storytelling and the performances. In wrestling, ‘heels’ (the ‘bad guys’ you love to hate) mostly lose, or even if they win, most of the time, it’s by using dirty tactics. (Hey, not everyone can be the badass suplex-hitting, opponent-dominating world-conquering Brock Lesnar) Brock Lesnar made a successful return to the UFC after 5 years away. Photo: AFP What’s interesting to note is that ...

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WWE Universe Night of Champions 2013 event: The most exciting event in WWE history!

The WWE Universe Night of Champions 2013 event was arguably the most happening event in recent WWE history. Do not be fooled, the title has no typos, there were many championships that were contested but an obvious victory has been highlighted. The following article is opinion based and contains bias, spoilers and debatable content. The Shield is still on fire! The Shield members participated in individual and cooperative matches that involved them defending their titles. In the Tag Team Championship bout, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins faced the Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young). Young had been in the ...

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