Stories about cyber space

How to put Facebook stalkers in their place

You’re bored on a Friday night. Between watching a rom-com on your laptop and gossiping with your mother, you notice that a stranger is repeatedly writing to you on Facebook in ways that give you shudders of loathing. You click on the profile. He seems to be male. You have had it with these men thinking they can get away with ‘little’ things like these. You are done and today, you decide to teach him a lesson. All the responses made to him (reproduced below) were being simultaneously typed by me into a Word document for the purpose of this blog. I ...

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Into Facebook, and cyber oblivion

While sitting on the breakfast table with her family, Warda constantly kept updating her Facebook news feed on her cell phone. With each bite, she scrolled down the screen. She cherished this little virtual corner of hers, away from her family members who sat right across the table, observing her drift into cyber oblivion. Some of the posts made her smile, others transported her into deep thoughts. Throughout this period, she paid no attention to what was going on around her or what her parents were talking about. This had become a routine for her. She just didn’t feel like listening to what ...

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Virtual emptiness

Tweet tweet tweet, all day long. Upload pictures and statuses on Facebook letting the world know what you have been up to and Skype with your family and friends abroad to keep in touch. Oh and how could I forget the wonderful world of Whatsapp that has made life so much easier by reducing, or eliminating almost all barriers of communication! Most of you might be of the opinion that such technology can only be good for us by connecting us to our beloveds with the touch of a button, making e-businesses flourish through online marketing and having access ...

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