Stories about Cyber bullying

Things have gone too far on Facebook confession pages

“Anum, it was so gross. Nobody had noticed my hair before, but now I feel like the whole world is ogling my scalp,” Zara winced and clutched the receiver so tightly that her nail beds turned white. “Err, no. Why don’t you forget about that stupid confession? Just keep your head high,” I paused, hunting for more motivating words to throw at her end. “We all know you don’t wear a– a wig” I gulped. “Of course, I don’t. The confession on SMC Confessions — our university’s Facebook page — said ‘Today, I finally saw Zara of first year adjust her wig ...

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Terror on Facebook ‘Confession’ pages, from KGS to CAS

Rehtaeh Parsons was just 17. What could lead a 17-year-old to such a state that ending her life appeared to be the only way out of her misery? Cyber bullying, it appears. This case bears stark similarities to that of Amanda Todd’s – another teenager who took her own life early in October last year due to severe bullying over the internet. Both girls suffered from acute depression due to the fact that nasty rumours and compromising pictures of the two had been making rounds online. Teenagers can be cruel and intolerant. They can cripple your self-confidence to the point where you feel as ...

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