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My life as “chota”

“Chotay! Sab kaam chhor, sahab ke liye chai la!” (Junior! Leave everything else, bring tea for sir) “Chotay! Ustad ki bike pe kapra maar jaldi!” (Junior! Quickly clean your master’s bike) “Chotay! Abay chotay! Kisi kaam ka nahi hai tu, nikammay!” (Junior! You are good for nothing, you nincompoop!) My life revolves around these few phrases. Phrase that pierce through my 11-year-old heart. Did I choose this life? Did I wish to be in this position, where I am often looked at with sympathetic eyes and silent tongues? No. But I am thankful to God for giving me this life. This auto-mechanic garage is my home away from home. My safe ...

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She was my mistake

I stepped out of the air conditioned car, onto the street which seemed to have been paved with the heat of hell. In a matter of seconds, my sunglasses began to fog from within and I took them off. It seemed like the sun was a foot away from my head. I squinted and rubbed my eyes for a few seconds before my gaze began adjusting to the burning weather. It was a typical mid-summer afternoon in Karachi, but coming from a breezy city like Toronto, the air was suffocating. I walked straight towards the monstrous wooden doors, guarded by two security ...

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