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What men can expect when a woman is expecting

The news of conception can be kind of alarming for many fathers-to-be. While the mother-to-be is busy enjoying the extra attention, the poor father isn’t given the time of day. I believe that the dad-to-be is affected a lot more due to the added pressure of looking after two people now, from when the test comes positive to the time of the baby’s delivery. I remember collecting the pregnancy test results on the way home from work in 2003. ‘Positive’ it read. I immediately felt an adrenaline rush on reading it. As was expected, my wife turned into the eighth wonder of the ...

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The love that never was

When the sun faded and darkness fell, The only light I found was within my heart,   Illuminating the gloomy paths at night, As I searched for you like a hopeless manic,   Like an aimless traveler on a forgotten road, Like a lost sailor on a familiar shore,   I searched for you like a rose in a desert, I searched for you like air under water,   I found you hidden behind your veil, And there was enough light to last a life time,   Emptiness of the deserts turned to fields of green, Unforgiving winds surrendered to a gentle breeze,   Months of solitude turned into days of joy, Years of desolation into a promise of love,   I ...

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