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Christchurch terrorist attack vs PUBG: Are video games to blame for increasing violence?

A friend of mine narrated a story to me after the Christchurch terrorist attack. He shares his apartment with a couple of friends, and on the tragic day of the shooting, my friend saw the video of the attack on his phone and then played it for his roommate, asking him what he thought it was. His roommate responded casually, stating he thought it looked like a first-person shooting game snippet. Upon hearing this, my friend broke the real news and shared the shock the whole world was experiencing. This begs the question: what has violence in video games made ...

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What if a student had shot back during the mock drill at Punjab University?

As a resident of a country where militancy regularly makes headlines, I sometimes wonder how I would react if caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. Perhaps it is because I am a passionate video gamer, but I’d like to believe that I would fight back should no escape route be available. Would a gun or any other weapon be available to me in such a scenario, I am sure I’d shoot at any terrorist in my way. Of course, considering that my only training is playing first person shooters late into the night with Cheetos crumbs on my ...

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