Stories about corporate ladder

#TherapistDiaries: A hard worker is not the same as a workaholic – the latter is an addict

Farooq’s* work was a matter of utmost importance for him. He used metaphors like “battlefield”, “winning” and “war” when talking about work. He worked in the corporate sector and was at a higher level of the ladder. He sought therapy because all his subordinates hated him. He had a sense that his subordinates, who at some point were his colleagues, were jealous of his success and plotted against him all the time. Farooq was a workaholic, and his perfectionism drove not only his subordinates but his friends away as well. He took no offence in working overtime or even sleeping at ...

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“Her wedding ring is way too big; it’s probably fake” – Women, their own worst enemy

“OMG she’s so fat” “She works full-time, I’m sure she has no time for her kids” “Did you know she has a boyfriend? She’s so characterless” I am sure that like me, everyone has heard or even made such comments at one time or another. That is the hard, unfortunate reality. What is harder to accept is that these are mostly being directed at women BY other women! While it is inexcusable and downright wrong for either gender to be commenting like that, shouldn’t we, of all people, be more empathetic towards fellow women? Coming from a patriarchal society, most men are infused with a false sense ...

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Arjumand Hussain: Brave but lucky

If you go through the video of Rehman Malik being kicked off the plane, the following lines will resonate in your mind for a while. “We have taken it for 68 years. Are we going to take it for another 68 years?” If you were a passenger on the flight in question, your answer would probably be ‘no’. If you are the employers of Arjumand Hussain, the man who shot the video, then your answer would probably be different. Or at least that is the message the common man gets once he finds out that Hussain was fired a couple of days ago. As ...

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